Wednesday, February 20, 2013

There's Salmon on the Schedule

These sweet Angels pocket schedules, Tim Salmon and other Angels cards come courtesy of Zenus (GREAT name by the way) of The Prowling Cat blog.  I sent Zenus a little stack of his wants and he in turn sent me Angels goodies, particularly POCKET SCHEDULES!

Zenus lives in Oregon so I'm not sure how he came about these Angels schedules, but I really don't need to know.  I'm just glad he was willing to give them up.

2012 version V1 (see it in the upper left?)  That means there's different versions of this schedule, and they typically have a different sponsor on the back.  This one is a Budweiser back.

This one looks the same as the last.  Anyone spot the difference?  Yep, this one's in Spanish!
Same Budweiser back but instead it says Orgulloso Patroncinador Angels Beisbol.
Gotta love it!

This is a version 3 of the 2010 schedule that I didn't have.  It has a Wienerschnitzel back.
Very nice All-Star design fitting the Angels halo around the star.
Red is such a happy color isn't it?

Ah yes, there it is.  The World Championship trophy won by the Angels in 2002.
The theme for 2003 was "The Halos Are back For More."
Except that they went 77-85, 18 games behind the division winner.
Back for more lasagna maybe.

Always looking to trade for Angels pocket schedules, I have lots of different teams, including extra Angels.

And here's the Salmon.  First a 1994 Upper Deck.  This design has been slowly growing on me.
I have only a handful of these and even less of the Angels in the set.  But the more I see them the more I'm liking them.  The second Salmon is from The Future is Now subset from the same year.

Ooh, and a still wrapped 1994 Mothers Cookies Tim Salmon card.
Hopefully this came out of my favorites, the chocolate chip cookies.
I pulled a lot of Nolan Ryan cards out of those bags.
Timmy will stay under wraps.

2006 Topps Opening Day Blue Joe Saunders rookie card.
Too much going on in this design for me, but Joe Millionaire is looking sharp.
Where is Joe these days?

You know, seems like I don't see many 1992 Leaf Gold Edition cards around.
Nice looking card design, simple, and the black serves it well.

There were a few other Angels in the stack as well.
I'm happy with the trade Zenus, thanks!


  1. Every time I walk down the snack aisle at the store, I wish that Mother's Cookies were still putting baseball cards inside their packaging. It'd get me to pick some up, which I haven't done for a long time.

  2. I started collecting pocket schedules too. So far I only have 3 or 4 San Jose Sharks ones, but it's a start. I also love the Mother's Cookies Tim Salmon card. I've been collecting Mother's Cookies cards since I was a kid going to A's and Giants games during the 80's.