Sunday, December 6, 2015

10-1 Patriots Gameday Autographs

Week 13 returns.

Halvor Hagen 1973 Topps #58

Halvor Hagen was a Patriots Guard for 1971-1972.
He was originally drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 3rd round of the 1969 NFL Draft out of Weber St.
He answered my letter saying that what he enjoyed most about playing with the Patriots was that he "was a starter there and had more playing time."
These older guys loved to just play ball didn't they.
Mr. Hagen returned these cards sent to his home in St. George, Utah in 30 days.

Cedric Jones 1990 Pro Set #579, 1990 Score #418, 1990 Topps #424
A wide receiver for the Patriots from 1982-1990.
He was drafted out of Duke in the 3rd round of the 1982 NFL Draft.
Jones wore #83 for his career.
Mr Jones signed these cards sent to his Greenwich, Connecticut home in 11 days.

Ken Sims 1990 Score #489, 1983 Topps #336, 1990 Fleer #327
The Patriots picked Ken Sims as the number 1 overall pick of the 1982 NFL Draft.
He went on to play for the Pats from 1982-1989 as a Defensive Lineman.
Sims signed these for me in 17 days from his home in Kosse, TX.

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