Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cool Cards From P-Town Tom

Trade post from P-Town Tom.

Here's the meat of the cards.

1971 Dell MLB Stamps NNO
Very cool little oddball of the Angels only Batting Champion.
No better logo than the California shape with the halo.

1990 Topps Magazine TM19
I had a subscription to Topps Magazine, I think the first year it was published.
Somewhere I have a card sheet or two left.
Super-cool card.

2008 Topps Opening Day Puzzle #4
Another piece of the Vladdy puzzle.

2001 Topps Team Sticker
I love team logo stickers, but this one is of my least favorite Angels logo designs.

1989 Fleer League Leaders #9
Yet again, another sweet Fleer box set card.

2016 Allen & Ginter #252 Mini A&G Back 
Ooh, nice card.

Thanks for all the others too P-Town.


  1. You're welcome! I'm not a big fan of the 2001 sticker logo either. Seems a bit too cartoonish.

  2. That Trout card is from the Future! Seriously though what do you think the Angels do with the money they supposedly were going to spend on Heyward?

  3. Yeah, that's the Disney "Angels in the Outfield" Logo. I similarly had a problem with the NHL Disney logo for the Mighty Ducks - it looked like Scrooge McDuck's skull...