Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wait, What's This?

A friend of mine gave me a little stack of 80's and 90's baseball cards, typical junk wax except for this one card that was sandwiched in the middle.

1992 BBM Masayuki Dobashi #425

Looks like some sort of insert in a 1992 issue of Baseball Magazine?
Whether it was a single or part of a sheet I don't know.
On ebay I saw what I think was a Series 2 box of the same type cards.
Maybe Zippy can shed some light on this.


  1. Whoa! I wish one of these would jump out of my stacks of junk wax!

  2. Baseball Magazine (contrary to the name) is basically the Japanese Topps and just releases cards as sets (not with magazines).

    That's probably from a 1992 BBM set that somehow found itself stateside and sandwiched between junk wax.