Thursday, December 17, 2015

Baseball TTMs In The Middle Of Football

Leroy Stanton (Angels 1972-1976)
Returned these cards in 18 days from his home in Florence, South Carolina.
Buzz Capra, you're up next for that 1972 Topps.

Nick Tropeano (Angels since 2014)
Do players sign multi-player cards this way to discourage us from getting them fully signed?
Or maybe he just doesn't like Mike Foltynewicz very much.
Nick signed these in 252 days from the Salt Lake Bees.


  1. Nick Tropeano just wanted you to be able to see his signature AND his face, Mike Folny...whatever be damned

  2. I was gonna say that guy must hate Folty. Need to stop being lazy and do some TTMs