Saturday, June 3, 2017

1979 Hansel-n-Gretel Angels Team Poster

I picked up this sweet, gently loved, team picture on Listia recently. I was the only watcher and the only bidder. I won it for one, ONE credit!

'79 team was one of the better Angels teams. They won the AL West, but lost to the Orioles in the ALCS.
I see the faces of some of my favorite All-TIme Angels in there:
Carney Lansford.....

Nolan Ryan....

Frank Tanana...


I don't remember Hansel-n-Gretel stores, even though there was one apparently in my semi-local Westminster Mall (Huntington Beach Mall was closer).
If you look closely at the ad, you'll see some really nasty kids in that shoe:
This dude's about to kill somebody.

When I saw the post on Listia I thought for sure that this was just a color photo that was cut out of an old Halo magazine, that's partly why I didn't bid very high ( I think my max bid was like 200 credits) but when I opened the envelope and felt it, and did a little research, I learned that its a genuine promotional photo. Sweet! I don't know if it was stadium issued or an in-store hand-out though.

A great addition to the Angels collection.

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