Thursday, June 1, 2017

Got My Bunt On

Finally my Target had some Topps Bunt on the shelf: two boxes of wax packs and maybe five fat packs that were scattered about. I picked out two of the fat packs.

Kris Bryant on the cover. Any PC guys collecting these wrappers? When Mike Trout was on Topps wrappers, mostly in 2014, I collected all the different wrappers he was on that I could find, still do if I come across one. He's on A TON of different wrappers, but it makes for an interesting side collection.

Anyhow, lets finally rip some 2017 Bunt.

Kris Bryant Bunt 17 Code Card 
This unscratched Code Card gores in the Sweepstakes/Game/Contest/Etc. Card Collection.
I might even consider putting one with the Angels team since Pujols is in the background.

Top 8 Base Cards
This is the order they came in: back-to-back Rockies.

Blue Parallels
I like the Blue Parallels.

Other Inserts
Yeah, these designs are okay, not fantastic.

Programs PR-AC Orange #45/50
Thats a good-looking card.

Bottom 8 Base Cards
Yeah, okay. I think the RC and Bunt logos should have been just a tad bigger, but a nice design overall. I'm pleased.

Top 9 Base Cards

Blue Parallels

Other Inserts

Bottom 8 Base Cards
David Ortiz huh?
And just when I thought I would never have see a card of his again (I sold ALL that I had on Listia)

Overall I'm happy with 2017 Bunt.
I think tomorrow I'll get try to find a couple more fat packs.


  1. Good job.
    I'm hoping to get a few packs this weekend.

  2. I am so jealous of you too in that you found some Bunt cards. I have yet to find them anywhere. I really hope I can because I like the look of them for this year. I think I may try to chase a team set of the base cards of the Indians as well as one of the blue inserts. Those are sweet cards! Love that Andrew Miller insert you pulled.