Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sweepstakes Card Bomb From Nachos Grande

Chris saw I was collecting these sweepstakes cards from a post about them and took it upon himself to bomb me with a bunch, since he is, in his own words, "A Pack Rat".

1998 Fleer Diamond Ink
Big chunk right there. Hard to believe one person would have so many of these to trade.

'97-'98 Fleer Million Dollar Moments
Pecking away at this big 50-card set. Apparently there is a Redemption set as well that looks exactly like these mail-ins except they have "THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL GAME CARD" printed on back.
Wow, do I chase that set as well?

1999 Upper Deck Draw Your Own Card
1998 Upper Deck Collectors Club
A couple more one-off found in packs of cards.
Griffey collectors probably have that one in their PC.
and $25 for a box of Upper Deck and all that other cool stuff?
Sounds like a great deal. Anyone reading ever take them up on it?

I thank you for you rat packness Chris.

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  1. I remember all of these very well! I even participated in the Draw Your Own Card contest!