Monday, June 12, 2017

Big Fun Game And Then Some

I picked surprise number 14 in Wes' Big Fun Game back in April. You can see what I won HERE. The game was a blast, eagerly awaiting the next pick/steal and seeing what all the prizes were.
2008 Topps Blogger Jaybarkerfan #WM, Authentic Autograph 58/98

This post is to show the Angels cards that Wes graciously threw in with my prize.
And there they are.
The Nolan Ryan Materials card is fantastic.

But here is where I get confused. On my desk, directly below the team pack of the cards from Wes shown above, was another team bag stuffed full of Angels. It didn't have a label or identifying card so I don't know if these were also part of what Wes sent, or from another blogger.
It was over a month ago you know.
So, if these were also from you Wes, thank you again.
If from another blogger, I'm so sorry to not give you the proper credit.
Some really great cards in there.