Monday, January 22, 2018

Cheap Packs at the Antique Mall

Took one of the kids to the local antique mall: she was looking for dog figurines and I always have my eye out for baseball cards. Not much baseball stuff to choose from, and what was there was insanely overpriced, but I did manage to find a little bundle in an obscure little booth, for just a couple bucks.
1992 Fleer The Performer Collection, 7-11
A 24-card set. The bundle included seven unopened 5-card packs and 10 loose cards.
I didn't know much about this set, and I was fairly sure I didn't need it, so I didn't buy the bundle right then, I wanted to get home to verify if I had any of the cards already, or if there were any Angels in the set, or any other player I might be interested in.
I discovered in my SCBC there were indeed no Angels, but there was a Nolan Ryan in the set, so I decided to go back to the antique mall and purchase the bundle in hopes of pulling the Ryan for the PC.

So I guess you got a pack of 5 cards for every 8 gallons of gasoline you bought at 7-Eleven stores.
I have to suppose that all 7-Eleven stores only carried CITGO gas? That seems odd to me being a Southern Californian: we had 7-Elevens all over the place but I don't recall any CITGO gas stations. I thought CITGO was just an East Coast thing.

Anyhow, here are the ten loose cards in the bundle:
Lots of HOFers in the set.
The design differs from the regular issue 1992 Fleer by having a darker, more bluish-green coloring and by this logo:

The Performer Collection.
I'm assuming the photos are different as well.

The backs are identical except for the logos on the lower left and the numbering font on the lower right which numbers to 24 cards.

Let's rip seven and see if I can pull that Ryan.

I'll have to see if Peter needs this Strawberry. 

Like I said, lots of HOFers in the set.

 Second Strawberry.

 No Ryan yet.

 At this point there's no sense in keeping track of the dupes.

 There's a nice Griffey.
Still no Ryan.

Seriously, I pulled the Ryan as the last card in the last pack!
And gets my vote for the best pack as well.

 I ended up with 22 of the 24 card set, pretty good overall. Just lacking #13 Jose Canseco and #17 Rickey Henderson.
But I don't think I'll keep this as a set, I don't really need it and I want the Nolan Ryan for my PC.


  1. If you ever want to move the Roberto Alomar and Don Mattingly, I'd love a shot at them.

  2. Awesome find! I love going to antique malls in search of baseball cards. I know you have sent me several cards and are working on another mailing for me, but could I ask about the Cal Ripken Jr card? Not sure if I ever told but Ripken is my number one player collection, and I have never seen the card from this set. Thanks again!

  3. I always thought the Sandberg was the same photo as the base 1992 Fleer but after a second look, it is very slightly different. If you are breaking them up, I'd appreciate and like a chance at one of the Sandbergs (mine is beat up) and a Glavine for the Ivy background.

  4. Great pull! Fun packs! i would've bought them too! If you should feel the need to part with Fielder, Bagwell and a Sandberg - I have a homes for them. :)

    1. I think I have enough, I'll put them in your Year For Team Traders stack!

  5. 92 Fleer, still a solid design after all these years.

  6. One thing I don't like about being Canadian.. Never see cards like that lol..
    Alomar is always nice to see though

  7. I know for a fact that Peter has the Strawberry, because I'm the one that sent it to him! Who knows though, he may want a couple extras!
    Thanks for sharing, that was fun to scroll through.

  8. How did I not know about this set? Very cool!

  9. Very cool oddballs. I discovered this set a few years ago while digging through dime boxes. It eventually led to me purchasing packs on eBay.