Monday, January 1, 2018

I Had Seconds Of Nachos Season Of Giving

Chris is a good dude, he's always thinking of me, or at least always thinking who can he dump his blasted Angels cards on! But seriously, after initially picking "Fleer stickers or any Sweepstakes type cards" for his Season of Giving offer back in November, Chris later posted that he had several teams still available to pick from. I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that the Angels were still available! Chris was nice enough to let me have seconds and claim those Angels.

That's a lot of Angels.
These originally came packed in a bulging-at-the-seams small Priority Mail box, but given I'm on Christmas break from my aerospace job, I've had plenty of time to sort these and get them ready to binderize.

I held out a few as a sampling.

1998 Pinnacle Performers Swing For The Fences
These are Game Rules insert cards, glad to see the Angels have three cards in this 50-card set.

1983 Topps #765
I like the action shot of Boone chasing a Bruce Bochte (I'm assuming) pop-up, with Bochte looking up following the ball as well. It also looks like a Spring Training game as you can see the top of the stands in the background.

1990 Fleer Soaring Stars #10
I was surprised that I did not have this card already.
I saw on a recent Too Many Verlanders post that he had picked up this card as well in a mass Abbott purchase for his collection. We'll have to do some Abbott trading for sure.

1997 Collectors Choice #250
Great photograph of yet another Hall-of-Famer not in the Hall of Fame as an Angel.
Not that he should be. Murray was only on the Angels for 46 games in 1997 before moving on to the Dodgers. He did however hit the last three home runs of his career (502, 503, 504) as an Angel.

2006 Topps Rack
Seeing this pack with Garret Anderson on the top brings back a flood of memories from my early collecting days. I'd save every rack pack with an angels card on top, like it'd be worth a lot more someday. Maybe, we'll never know, but all those packs have long been ripped to see what else might be hiding inside.
When I saw this I hesitated for just a second, thinking I'd keep it like was, unopened.
No big hits inside but there was another Angels card, and it was thrilling ripping it open.

Much appreciated package Chris, loved going through it all.


  1. Some old-school goodness. Great package!

  2. I really like the Bob Boone card. 1983 Topps was one of the first sets that I ever collected. Always nice to see a few cards out of it being posted.

  3. Boone! How have I missed this card? It's going on my list!