Saturday, March 24, 2018

Mike Trout On The Cover Of GQ

GQ for Gypsy Queen.

"Are you kidding me!" were my exact words when I found this in Target today.
A little frustrated, but a little excited too.
Topps is killing me using Trout on (so far) all their packs this year. I've already spent more on baseball cards this year than I have in the last several years combined. 
Maybe I'm using my Mike Trout Wrapper Collection as an excuse to get caught up with my previous lack of interest in unopened Topps products, due to rarely ever pulling any Angels, and the mind numbing amount of fake errors/variations.
Let's see how many Angels I don't pull
and how many fake errors/variations I do pull.

Green Parallels


1:48 Base Short Print #317


1:8 Fortune Teller Mini #FTM-12


1:21 Missing Nameplate #167

What'd I tell you, NO Angels.
I should be pleased to pull an SP, a mini, and a fake shouldn't I?

I'm more pleased with the Trout wrapper.


  1. Gotta admit... I'd rather see Trout on a wrapper than Judge.

  2. Not a great pull but I do love the Henderson card. I really enjoy seeing retired greats in these sets. The design this year is so-so but I know I'll pick up some. Great post.

    1. I'm with Bulldog... I love the retired legends making appearances in modern day issues.