Friday, March 9, 2018

Scribbled Ink All Over The Place

Trade Post From Scribbled Ink

Paul hit a handful of my many collections. A list of collections that I need to simmer down on as the list keeps growing. But that's for future consideration, let's go with what he sent me.

2003 Upper Deck National Pride USA Baseball USA6
How could I have forgotten that Jered Weaver was on the National Team?

2007 Bowman's Best Certified Autograph Issue #73

1991 Bowman Chrome Reprint #26

2002 Ultra Glove Works #10
Erstad still gets my vote as Angels Player With Most Appearances On A Card.

Oh I'm scratching these. 
Being the completest that I am, I want to see, and collect, all the variations of what's underneath those scratch spots.

1990 Fleer #444
For the Baseball Cards Numbered 444 Collection.


1998 and 1997 Pinnacle Swing For The Fences
Big sets to complete for these, so always great to get some.

1980 Topps Burger King Checklist

Paul noted that these were a "Thank you" for often being helpful.
Well, you're welcome, and I'll be getting a "Thank you for thanking me" return package ready!

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