Thursday, March 22, 2018

Oh Man, Not Another One On Opening Day

Oh Man, I really need Topps to be over Mike Trout as a spokesperson. He keeps showing up on wrappers, and I keep having to buy those packs of cards because I collect Trout wrappers (I guess that’s not really such a bad thing after all, huh?).

Mike shows up with other star players of the day, on the 2018 Opening Day issue, similar to the 2013 design he was on.
I had entertained the idea of ruling out these multi-player wrappers as not really being true Trout wrappers, since he’s not alone. But the completist in me couldn’t do it. So here I go, chasing down all the different versions of 2018 Opening Day wrappers that can be found.

1:3 Blue Foil

1:2 Team Traditions TTC-PR
Love this. Would have loved it so much more if ALL the Presidents were visible.

1:2 Before Opening Day BOD-DK

1:2 Opening Day ODB-CC


  1. Ooooooh... I like the looks of the Cubs team card... at least I think it's a team card.
    I also am really enjoying what I have seen so far of the team traditions and celebrations. Just excellent. Baseball is more than the players in my mind... food, sights, sounds, mascots, traditions and celebrations. Love me some Opening Day!

  2. Team Traditions and Celebration cards are sick. Fun addition to the set.