Thursday, March 12, 2020

Baseball Card #444 1995 Topps Stadium Club

This is the seventh of seven #444 cards that GCRL sent me recently.
It was interesting enough that it warranted it's own post.

Harold Baines was selected for the #444 spot in the 1996 Topps Stadium Club set.
Good looking card front, nice simple design, nothing too fancy but nothing violent either...

Until you turn the card over and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!
Whoa! What is going on here? I want to read...but....which....way.... 
Upright you get Baines' photo, his name and the card number...

But then I need to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise to read the orange chart and the text block...

THEN, rotate it another 90 degrees clockwise, or UPSIDE DOWN if you want to read the blue chart!

NOT a good design.

So, now, we're done reading the back.
Lets put into practice what we all do when we hold a card in our hand and then flip it over to see the other side...


  1. You spin my head right round, right round...

  2. I don't know, personally I like the all over the place backs, they're just fun!