Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Third Time's A Charm

Okay, so this is like the third time I've started back up with my other blog about 1995 Emotion
Prior to today's post, the last one was July 2018! 
Obviously I got a little behind, but I've never given up.
Currently I'm on card #163 out of 200 (plus inserts), so I am getting close to finishing. I would really like to get it wrapped up this year.

So if your interested, and not already following, please follow it add it to your blog roll, and we'll see this thing through.



  1. I put together the entire basketball set, but never got a single baseball card from the product.

  2. I wasn't aware you had another blog! Consider it followed!

  3. Awesome product line. I have an unopened box of the hockey stuff... and an unopened basketball too. One day, I hope to pick up a box of baseball.

    1. I'll keep an eye out if you rip a box. I still need a wrapper for the set!

  4. There were some 95 Emotions in my estate sale cards. I'll see if I can find some.