Thursday, March 19, 2020

What Can Joe Do?

Statement from a guy who saw what Joe Maddon did with his beloved Cubs.

And I agree. I too am excited to see what Joe Madden can do with the Angels.
Only I'm trying to think about what he WILL do.

Maddon had done just about everything when he was with the Angels previously; from a catcher in their system, to a scout, a roving instructor, to a coach, to manager on several occasions.

He even won a World Series with them, their first appearance/first win, in 2002 as a bench coach.
Thirty-one years committed to the organization, and their first World Series win. 
That's what Joe can do.

In 2008, after becoming the Rays manager, he led them to their first World Series appearance.
He also won American League Manager of the Year, twice.
And took them to the Postseason 3 times.
That's what Joe can do.

Joe went to the Cubs.
In just his second season he broke a 108-year World Series Championship drought.
Took them to the Postseason 4 consecutive times.
Won his 1000th game.
That's what Joe can do.

Success seems to follow him.

Is it the Zen?

I don't know about that, but after all that he HAS done in his career...
I can't wait to see what he WILL do with the Angels.

All these cards came from P-Town Tom.
Thanks Tom!


  1. Replies
    1. We ate a bunch of string cheese back in the day. That's not a dimebox find... that's from my original collection. LOL
      Maddon was a manager for my Peoria Chiefs. Woot!
      Great post by the way!

    2. Thanks! I've never seen that Moo Town card so it's a really nice addition.

  2. As an A's fan... I'll be keeping an eye on Joe and your Angels... once we finally get some MLB in 2020.