Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Those Red-Checked Checklists

The other day I mentioned that when I first busted a wax box, of 1983 Fleer, I marked out the checklist cards to see what I had, and soon regretted it. I mentioned that I had never since then marked on a checklist card, and that I had kept those original red-checked cards to remind me never to do that again.
Here they are in all their glory. I shudder.
Apparently if I had kept this going, I would have been a box filler rather than an X-er or a check-marker.
I'm not sure what the big red blotch is next to #538 though.
I can't remember if these checklists were the result of one or two wax boxes, but it appears that I got close to completing the set. I have since done so, and it is one of my fondest memories buying (all by myself) ripping, and putting this set together.

An interesting note to the '83 Fleer checklists is that in addition to the player checklists they also included a team checklist, so as you completed a full team, you could check it off here.

So, do you write on checklists?
And if so, are you an X-er, a filler, or a check-marker?


  1. I've never written on checklists. Even when I was a young collector it crossed my mind to write on them... I made my want lists on notebook paper back then.
    Today, I love vintage checklists with checks or x's on them. If only those checklists could talk.

  2. Not 100% sure... but I might have used them back in the early 80's. These days... I don't. But if I did... I'd probably use a dot.

  3. I used to mark my checklists back when I was a kid collecting cards for the first few years. If I'm not mistaken, I used to fill in the entire box.

  4. When I was a kid, I filled in the boxes on checklist cards. I still have a few of my marked-up examples from back then. They're fun little pieces of nostalgia.

  5. I have never marked checked filled in a checklist usually used a separate piece of notebook paper to do a list of needs. I have many of these Fleer Checklists if you need any that are unchecked lmk can get them to you.