Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Cracked Hemorrhage

Eww! That does not sound good.
Getting caught up on trade posts, however, from Julie at A Cracked Bat, and Jay of Card Hemorrhage.

First up, cards from A Cracked Bat.
2018 Topps Heritage Buybacks
That's a beauty. I'm not able to plunk down dough to go and chase these 50th Anniversary Topps Angels, but man I sure love getting them. I think this is one of the best ideas Topps ever had.

2017 Topps Rediscover Topps
Still cool, but not as cool as the 50th Anniversaries.

I love that Headliners card, look at the power in the guys lower body.

These really did me in. I love the Power-up Scratch-offs and Sports Nut cards but haven't pulled the trigger yet on adding them to my want list. The want list has exploded the last several months with newly discovered sweepstakes/game/info/etc. card sets.
Alas, I will cave, and add them to the Wants.

Thanks Julie!

Next up are SOME of the cards that came from Jay.
1986 Donruss #108
Jay sent a big stack of Angels cards, but I was most drawn to this one of Brian Downing still sporting a mop-top haircut. Downing is in one of my favorite all-time Angels.

Jay knows I like checklists, and he included a bunch of team checklists. Kinda miffed with Heritage though. Seriously you can only fit 14-18 names on a card? That's a bit of an overreach to increase the number of cards in a set.

2015 Stadium Club #4
I'm enjoying dugout team shots more and more, and this one is really nice. I enjoy scanning who is in the shot, trying to name them all. It's a fun game to play.

Great stuff Jay, thank you as well!


  1. You’re welcome! More to come. I do have admit I screwed something up, though....I thought it was “The Lost Collector” who was into checklists, so I just sent him a bunch. Whoops.

  2. Those floating heads are awesome! A cracked hemorrhage? Not so much.

  3. Yw :) Reichardt is in great condition. Shows well. Those crazy Power-ups are such a wild neon orange. Scans don't do them justice. When I added one to pickpockets, the scan couldn't be adjusted enough to bring out the orange. It's probably too bright for the scanner itself. I had these with my stickers but thought you'd enjoy them so much more. I was right!