Monday, May 11, 2020

Trade Catch Up

PWE's were a'flyin' the first quarter of this year! Off to a great start. I want to give a shout-out to those I've traded with, but this will be a quick hit because I need to get caught up in a big way.

Jim hit up my want lists because I need every one of these. As you can tell Jim is a Dodgers collector, these probably came from his dupes box I'm sure. I just need one more to finish that World Series ticket sweepstakes set.

It has probably been over a year since I received my last Mike Napoli in a trade. Glad to see his face again and on a nice numbered 026/150. That Erstad is even tougher at 06/55 and possibly my lowest numbered ever.

Gavin also threw in a couple customs. The Reggie is cool because its stamped DRAFT on the front, and CONFIDENTIAL on the back! Love it!

Another numbered Erstad and a really nice 14/25 Orange Chrome parallel.

I actually got two envelopes from Kevin, the second had these Fleer Logo Sticker variations I needed.

2011 Bowman Sterling Prospects Autograph BSP-CCR
Brian parted with this nice auto card of big CJ Cron; I wish he would have been able to stick with the Angels.

Word is already out about the new blog in town, and it looks like Jeff has some of those old stamps to use up. Glad he did on me.

All PC needs.

And Salmon needs.

Most of you threw these away, but I collect them. And believe it or not, there are tons of variations in a lot of these. So glad to have them.

Thanks everyone!


  1. I like the Napoli, the Kennedy and Abreu refractors are great..but that Reggie is very unique!

  2. Nice additions to the collection! I thought I was the only one who also collected the team store and sweepstakes cards. Congrats!

  3. Completely forgot that Abreu played for the Angels in the latter part of his career. That refractor numbered to 25 is really cool. Love the Fleer stickers too.

  4. I kept that junk inserts to pad the cards at the end of the box. Those and the Fleer stickers were great for that.