Thursday, May 21, 2020

Freed From His Plastic Cell

Some of you are about to say that I've committed a crime. You'll say that I've crossed a sacred line and that I deserve severe punishment, or at least banishment from the community. Some of you may want to divert your eyes, and read no further. Some of you may cry.

I'm about to bust this 1999 Kenner Cooperstown Collection Nolan Ryan.
First off, I did not actually pay the $19.99 sticker price, I actually got it for 50% off the sticker price. This was back around 2002 if I recall correctly. And nowadays these can be had for about the same price I paid for it.

I had zillions (or so it seems) of Starting Lineups, but space, loss of interest, donations, and timely profit have just about completely wiped out my collection. I think I have 3 pieces left: a 1994 JT Snow that I got autographed with my son when he was about 7, a 1995 Alex Rodriguez rookie piece (anyone interested?), and this Nolan Ryan.

I'm not interested in hanging it on a wall, but I like the figure and I especially like the card, so I'm busting it. But no worries, I'll do it respectfully.
See, that wasn't so bad. I'm not one of those guys that shreds the cardboard in two as the pieces inside go flying across the room. I actually used a razor blade to carefully pop the clear plastic off the cardboard backing, and slowly slid the figure (not doll) and card out.

He looks good standing on my red hutch.

Again, this is what I really wanted, a unique, sweet looking Nolan Ryan card to add to my collection. It's interesting that until I freed this card I never really considered it "part of my collection".

Everyone okay?

Have you ever busted something still mint in it's packaging when most people would have kept it intact?


  1. I don't blame you, I've got dozens of sealed SLU and McFarlane figures taking up space in my closet. They're not worth enough to sell/too costly to ship, and yet I can't bring myself to crack them open. Yet.

  2. Fully support this jail break. Easier to enjoy out of the box I say.

  3. Years ago, I started popping out SLU's of their packaging due to lack of storage space. I keep certain figures in their package... like rookie pieces, Michael Jordans, or any 1988 or 1989 pieces in really nice packaging. And that card is 10x cooler than the actual figure. Look at his complete career stats! It's glorious!

  4. He's free! Neat doll (ha!), and that card is pretty great too.

  5. This particular piece has such an attractive cardboard backer, I may have kept in on the wall. I do have a few pieces hanging on the wall but over time, I've begun to bust them free. When I began collecting SLU the thought was to an immediate retirement fund. I've learned over the years to enjoy things like this. What's the point of owning it if I keep it boxed away for years on end? (PS I think we need to send Jon a few dolls...)