Friday, May 29, 2020

Ran Some Errands, Found Some Stuff

Been working from home since mid-March, and I haven't gotten out much. I decided I needed to get out of the house, partly because I needed to mail some stuff, and partly because I hadn't been on any "quests" in a while. Quests to find some baseball cards, model kits, or interesting books to read, that is.

After hitting the PO to mail some trades, I hit up Dollar Tree, then Target to see what baseball cards they had. I wasn't impressed so I got nothing. I hate going to Walmart, and even striking out at Dollar Tree and Target wasn't enough to convince me to go, so I hit up Half Price Books to see what new reading material I could find. Nothing.

Next stop was Hobby Lobby since I had a gift card a daughter had given me for my birthday back in March, and I knew exactly what I wanted:
1977 was probably the LAST time I built a van model, and it was awesome. I'm excited to build this one in all of its glorious 70's colors.

After Hobby Lobby I stopped by a local thrift store. It's a very small one and the several times I've been there I have never found anything. I almost passed it up, but today, the store was beconning me.

I found this Bobby Bragan book. I already have this particular book, and my copy is signed by Bragan. Bragan played for the Dodgers and Phillies in the 40's, then went on to manage and coach several other Major League teams through the 60's. He was a very successful Minor League coach here in Fort Worth and was a local legend in the area, so I see this book often. I figured I'd check to see if it was signed.

Yep. Not only by Bragan (to Larry), but by the co-author Jeff Guinn. It's also signed by another local legend, Carroll Beringer, who played in the Dodgers system for the Fort Worth Cats, and who also was a coach for the LA Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. Not bad for a buck!

That's a much better copy than the one I already had:
To Dr. Charles Wade (not me!).
So if anyone wants this copy signed soley by Bragan, just cover the shipping and it's yours.

After the book store, I checked out my local antique mall and found some dollar packs of cards, just for the fun of ripping some old foil.
I'll be posting the results to A Pack To Be Named Later

I also found this at the antique mall:
You see a lot of Nolan Ryan and Texas Rangers stuff around here obviously.

I hate pins, but I love pin cards. They're so unique, usually elongated, and they have that perforated tab you're supposed to rip off. This one was issued in 1993, most likely being a giveaway at the ballpark.
It's not one I had, so I picked it up for $5 to put in my Ryan binder. The pin I'll probably toss in the trash.


  1. Gotta love the antique mall coming through with some old packs to open.

  2. That van is epic. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  3. the van is divine! you must show it off when complete! i wish my hands were steady enough to do something like this. Makes me want one for my 70s display, parked right by a lava lamp. Oh I do have them. I do.

  4. That Nolan Ryan pin card is cool... but that van model is 10x cooler. Seeing it reminded me just how much I wanted to own one when I was little. I even wanted to put a bed in the back... although at the time (I was probably 8 to 10 years old), it wasn't for partying with the ladies. I actually wanted to drive around the country and sleep in the back of it.

  5. The Nolan Ryan pin and card set are pretty cool! If you decide to toss it, I would be interested in instead of seeing it hit a garbage can.

  6. Love the van. Might be the best way to travel for awhile.