Saturday, January 21, 2023

Antique Mall Junk Wax Pt 1

I knew of a vendor at my local antique mall that sold card packs, but's its been about a year since I went last so I wasn't sure he was still there. I've been itching to rip something junk so I headed over. I dont know why I chose hockey, maybe the "Premier Edition" hooked me, and the fact that I've had 1991 Upper Deck baseball on my mind lately. Here is Part 1 of my take.

1990-91 Upper Deck Hockey at a buck a pack. Why not?


Three goalie cards, always cool. The card that stands out to me though is Ron Tugnutt's. I remember him as being an original Mighty Duck, selected by them in the '93 Expansion Draft. He appeared in 28 games for them before moving on to the Canadiens.

Two Star Rookies and a Rookie Team card in this pack. And two of those traditional Upper Deck team checklist cards, which are cool but I kinda get tired of.

I looked up some of the cards I pulled. Apparently, there are like 4 different hologram logo variations for each card. Sheesh!

All are available for trade.


  1. Such an awesome product. I'd totally drop $36 to open up a box of this stuff. Great design. So many future hall of famers... and tons of big name rookies.

  2. I would be interested in the goalie cards.