Saturday, January 14, 2023

Gaps In The Set

When I first completed the 1991 Upper Deck set a long time ago, I organized it in the binder by team. I did that because at the time I was attempting to get most of the cards signed and it was easier to pull them to mail, or to take to the ballpark for autographs. But I never liked it organized that way. It's bugged me for years.

Yesterday I finally tore it down and reorganized the binder in numerical order. It was a backbreaking task, I was literally sore. In doing so however I found that there were gaps, missing cards.

Twenty-one missing to be exact. I knew that most of those I had pulled in years past for autographs, so I went searching my boxes and found 13 of those. That leaves me with eight still missing:

30 Texas Rangers (Palmiero)
186 Dave Martinez
297 Luis Sojo
334 Derrick May
475 Mike Harkey
479 Greg Briley
Final Edition:
12F Todd Van Poppel
74F Dean Palmer

I've always been missing some of the variations, but those aren't as important as those base cards right now.

Any help will be returned in like.


  1. Hi Tom! I've got 30, 186, 297, 334, 475 and 479. I'll be sending them your way.

  2. I have some checklist cards I've been meaning to send your way. I'll try and see if I can find an extra Van Poppel. If I do, I'll toss it in there.

  3. that almost wiped them out in one fell swoop. hopefully the last two will come along.

    1. I have very few Final Edition cards. Didn't have 12F or 74F.

  4. Nice to see someone come to the rescue so quickly.