Monday, January 30, 2023

Completed Angels Team Set - 1993 Classic Best

I recently received the last card I needed (Marquis Riley) from All Cardinals All The Time to complete this team set.

I've been able to get two of the cards signed: Hilly Hathaway and John Pricher.

If I had to rank this rookie class for their Angels service:
#1 Troy Percival - Ten seasons, 2002 World Series Champ, 4x All Star, Angels Career Games and Saves Leader.
#2 Orlando Palmeiro - Eight seasons, .281 AVG, 2002 World Series Champ.
#3 Jorge Fabregas - Six seasons, .247 AVG.
#4 Hilly Hathaway - Two seasons, 4-3 5.29 ERA.
#5 Kevin Flora - Five games, .111 AVG.
#6 Marquis Riley - Six years in Minors reaching AAA.
#7 John Pricher - Four years in Minors reaching AA.



  1. I like how young Percival looks on his card.

  2. Percival is the only name I'm familiar with in the set. Kinda surprised I don't remember Palmeiro since it looks like he had a pretty solid career.