Tuesday, January 31, 2023

POISON Package Pt 1

There's an ice storm blowing through North Texas, so we're hunkered down inside for a few days. I normally work from home anyhow, but the kids are home as well as their work places are also closed due to weather. It's kinda like a mini stay-cation. So it seems like perfect timing that I received a fat package of cards from follower POISON75 with lots of great stuff in it.

Set Cards

 Let's start with the two cards I needed to complete the 1983 Topps Base Set:

Well, they were last two I needed when he pulled from my wantlist. 

I'm in the process of inventorying my collection and updating my wantlists and I discovered the other day that my '83 Topps Angels team set was missing some cards. The team sets get top priority, so I pulled the missing cards from the '83 Base Set. So now, in actuality I'm still missing 6 cards.

But I'm VERY pleased to get those two, along with all these:
That's 50 of the 118 cards I need to complete the Traded Set. Wow!

And in that lot, there was this beautiful checklist:
Man, I love checklist cards.

Another set he hit was 1991 Classic Best:
Now I just need 23 to complete this base set, and two of those above will complete the Angels Team Set. Be looking for that post later.

Thanks POISON75, stay tuned for Pt 2.


  1. Congrats on completing the ‘83 set. As I’m going through my binders I’ll look for any Classic cards you need. I have maybe 1-2 per team, so I’m sure Ill at least find 1 you need.

  2. He's the man! ... Now, if I can only find stuff on his want lists.

  3. I just pulled 5 of the 6 base you need. You're down to just #53. I know I have it, but it wasn't in the box I just pulled, there are several more boxes to get to yet. But for now I have 131, 158, 625, 678, 712 pulled already.

  4. Glad to help when I can & like Mr Night Owl pointed out hopefully someone will be able to help me with my needs if anyone like to attempt my list just lmk at this email address all I ask that you put in the subject heading in caps POISON75 SEND ME YOUR LIST OF....then lmk which sport cause I dabble in all 4 sports but my baseball & hockey needs are huge sorry for trying not take over Tom's blog but I just wanted to point it out

    Sr75osufan75 at yahoo.com

    Looking forward Tom to sending you more if I have any

  5. Ice storms do not sound like fun. Stay warm and safe.