Friday, December 1, 2023

Always Reliable For A Trade

 That's Bo Rosny. He always has something I'd like and is always happy to trade. Actually, that goes for all of the following TCDB traders.

TCDB #161 borosny

Chuck Finley batting for all you "pitchers batting" collectors to note.

TCDB #162 abide

Very slowly working on the Rainbow of that 2012 Mike Napoli.

TCDB #163 Nroberts0222

These are Topps Micro, which I absolutely hate. But when you have a PC you kinda have to have them right?

TCDB #164 RWH12583

Caught up with Ryan on TCDB for the first time, and it worked out real well.

Nice to get a card from my Top Ten on the sidebar.

And a bunch of set needs. Finally, within 50 cards of this massive 1,006-card 2009 Upper Deck set.


  1. Always great trading with you as well!

  2. Bo is probably the most active trader amongst other bloggers at this point.