Tuesday, December 26, 2023

You Too Can Be A Superhero In Just 60 Minutes

Or if you're Hourman, you only get to BE a superhero for 60 minutes before the secret sauce wears out. Still building my DC Cosmic set with the help of SaveDaKid, who sent some other needs as well.

TCDB tucha

I think now I'm just down to the Shula SP for this set.

TCDB BLWinborn40

Been setting aside Napoli's for a while now, finally added him to my TCDB wantlist.


  1. Love that Darrell Green card! I was thinking about going out and collecting all of the Upper Deck SP cards from their first two years of production. I think I already have the Green, but I would need the Shula too.

  2. Merry Christmas! The two Napoli cards show a nice beard progression, just need a clean shaven Napoli and a Red Sox Championship beard to complete it!

  3. After having not see many of the cards since I was a kid, your posts with the DC Cosmic cards are kind of making me want to see what the prices are for a box.