Saturday, December 30, 2023

Haven't Had Cracker Jack In Years

And it's probably a good thing. I'm sure it would tear some fillings loose these days. No more eating Cracker Jack to pull a card, that's another good thing about TCDB. Find some cards you need, request a trade. Easy as that. These came from poorlittlecritter.

I'm needing just the Tris Speaker card to complete this mini set.

TCDB Oldschoolcards

I didn't appreciate those early Topps Kids cards for a long time. I kinda dig them now.

Two more #444 cards.

Nice thumb-to-the-eye, Patriot. When he went to pull the cards, he saw that the Mildren was pretty mangled, so he threw in the '72 OPC below. 


TCDB dtgoforth

I used to collect all Team USA cards, but now I'm just collecting those that come in the 2009 Upper Deck set.


  1. Irving Fryar pulls off the upset over the Nolan Ryan duo.

    (Harry Colon)

  2. Really cool cracker!

  3. A recent card show purchase has gotten me excited about building some 80's Fleer sticker sets. I'd love to take advantage of TCDB. The problem would be uploading all my trade bait. Can't wait until retirement :D

    Have a great 2024 Tom!

  4. I was really into Topps Kids when it came out (I was 10 at the time). It's another set that I've been thinking about trying to get a box of. Hopefully a box would yield at least one complete set.