Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday 4, 5

 Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.

I found a Ziploc with 8 packs of 1991 Score Football but with a label that said "Mispackaged". That piqued my interest, so I bought it for $5. All the packs are sealed (or resealed probably after searching for the Brett Favre rookie), but some seem to only have a few cards in them. Let's see what we get over the next several weeks.

Pack of 16 cards with no chance to pull an insert.

PACK 4 of 8

Keith Byars, Tebowing, before it was frowned on, but which is now acceptable again.

Only 15/16 cards in this pack.

The cards definitely have a "handled" feeling to them. I'm fairly confident now that these packs have all been searched and resealed. If they are, the perpetrator did a good job at the resealing.

PACK 5 of 8

The Aikman is a nice card.

I'm scanning these cards in pack order. Notice how they've been coming out in color blocks. I'm not so sure an un-tampered pack is collated this way.

Again, 15/16 cards in this pack.


  1. It funny I remember men wearing suits and ties looking through each pack of 1990 Fleer football for those ALL-PRO inserts at a G.C. Murphy. Now who really wants those All-Pro cards. I can't image today who would want any 1991 Score football but someone really did at some point and took out the "Best cards" what ever they may be.

  2. Ronnie Lott wins pack 4. I like the Keith Byars and the Mel Gray Dream Team or whatever that is. But overall, it's kind of a meh pack.

    Pack 5 is better. Aikman wins it. But Metcalf, Mills, Ellard, and Long are all quality pulls.

  3. Some of the photography is pretty awesome, but it's a sad state if/when someone decides to reseal packs of 1991 Score football.

  4. Plentiful as the cards may be, I like the design: simple, colorful, nice action shots. But yeah, the pack searching and resealing is pretty sad.

  5. Lott and Long (and I suppose Aikman, too) are pretty good gets.