Friday, January 28, 2011

Card Shop Day

Snuck over to the local card shop today on a long lunch. I had been wanting to go for a while, and today was the best opportunity. I had 2 goals in mind (always go with a goal, that way you don't spend more than you planned): 1) trade some football TTM autographs for baseball IP and TTM autographs, and 2) give the man a ziploc of top loaders with price stickers (he reuses them).

After giving him the top loaders he said I could pick out a small stack of Angels cards for my want list, we'd call it a swap. "Awesome" I said, so I pulled several A & Gs, 4-5 1978 Topps, and few randoms that I needed.

Next I went over to the autographs album and picked out several former Angels, and a couple of 87 Topps. Here's what I got:
Too bad the Pettis autographs weren't on Angels cards, but this is Texas.

I love these legacy cards the team issues at events.

For some reason I thought that Steve Ontiveros and Tom Candiotti had played for the Angels at one time. Nope. Ontiveros is a tough autograph to get, Candiotti so-so. Since they're not Angels these might end up on my trade list at some point. We'll see.


  1. Looks like a great day at the ol' card shop to me. It almost makes me feel bad since I haven't been to my local shop since September. I blame it on Topps.

  2. The 4 guys at my card shop are so nice, and sincere in their love for sports cards. They're a dying breed.