Sunday, January 2, 2011

Take My Chrome, Please!

I don't like chrome, I just don't. I suppose one reason is that since I get a lot of autographs, sharpies usually bubble and signatures dont show up well. I know that there are tricks to get round this, but why bother. Another reason is I'm more of a traditionalist, I like the old cardboard, plain and simple.

So how did this come about? Since I work in aerospace, I usually get the week between Christmas and New Years as holiday time. I like that. I get plenty of nights to stay up late and go through 5000 count boxes of cards. As I was going through one the other night, every time I came across a chrome card a bad word would come across my mind, I started seeing a makes me mad.

I will however admit that there are a few exceptions to the no chrome rule: I keep any Angels cards, and, there have been a few that I have been partial to and have kept those:

The rest go into the giveaway pile. There will be more to come at a later date, but here's what I've pulled so far. Please dont ask for a listing, if you dig chrome it shouldn't matter anyhow.

If you would like a random assortment of chrome, post a comment as such and email your address. If you would like to send me anything Angels in return (oddball or inserts only) I would happily accept, but it's not necessary.

I'll send a random assortment to the first five to comment, but you can tell me if you want a specific team.

Oh and please don't take them just to take them, if you're not a "Chrome Guy".


  1. I'd dig some Rays Chrome if you'll send it my way!

    I'll drop you an email.


  2. I know you just sent me some cards, but I think I've made it known that I love shiny! Anything that you want to send would be repayed in Angels.

  3. I'd be interested in Twins cards, and no one has hit me up for Angels yet, so I'm sure I can get you a good return mailing.

  4. Sorry. Email me at tessierthomas(at)

  5. I'd take the Mets off your hands, and if not, the Yankees.