Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dans Other World

Completed a trade with Dan from his Other World blog for some Angels. I was able to take care of a bunch of cards from his wantlist.

He has some well organized wantlists, so go check them out and fill a bunch of his needs. I selected a few of the cards he sent me here.
2007 Topps Allen & Ginter Dick Perez Sketch Card #14 Gary Matthews Jr.  Gary was only with a Angels a brief but excruciatingly painful time.  I didn't even realize he was a part of this set.
A 2008 A&G #86 Kelvim Escobar A&G back, and a 2010 A&G #257 Ervin Santana black.  Sweet little cards.
Todd Greene again!  This time on a really nice looking 1997 Flair Showcase Wave of the Future  #1 of 25.  I missed a lot of collecting in the 90's so it's exciting to be surprised by so many cards and subsets that I had never seen before.
2004 Bowman Thick Stock (I don't know what else to call these) #307 Warner Madrigal gold.  This one shows Warner as a hitting outfielder before he was converted to a pitcher.  I saw him a couple years ago with the Rangers but now I don't know what became of him.  Ran into him about the same time at the Walmart near the stadium.  Gave him a head nod, he acknowledged it.  We're buds now.
And rounding it out with a nice trio of Tim Salmon goodness.  The first card is a 1996 Upper Deck SP Marquee.......(flip the card over) Madness #MM5.  I guess that there is a matching card for the other side.  But of who?  If anyone sends me the matching card I'll send you something nice in return.

The second is a 1993 Upper Deck Platinum Power #PP16, and the last is a 2003 Bowman Thick Stock #27 Gold.

Thanks Dan, hopefully we can trade again soon.

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