Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Found 'Em

While digging for cards to send in a couple of trades I have in the works, I came across what must have been the only pack of 1993 Panini stickers that I bought when I purchased the album in the post below.

There were 9 stickers I found, and they were all together in one spot, not spread out in different boxes.  I don't recall how many stickers come to a pack, I suppose I could look it up, but I don't feel like it. However, seeing the Deion Sanders glittery sticker gave me a "Hmmm, wait a minute..." moment, "that looks familiar".

So I went to the 1993 section of one of my Angels albums and found this:
the only 1993 Panini Angels sticker I've had for a long time (I recently picked up a bunch of team logo stickers on Sportlots).

Now comes the decision. Do I permanently attach these stickers in the "mint" album?
Or maybe throw them in team trades?

Except for the Easley of course, he goes back in the 1993 section of one of my Angels binders.

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