Saturday, September 17, 2011

Recent TTM Returns

Hisanori Takahashi signed my custom in 65 days.  He also signed the index card, which is almost unheard of with todays ballplayers.  I had heard somewhere that players are actually told to not sign blank areas so they're signature can't be copied.
Scotty Downs also signed my custom in 48 days.  I had sent to Scott at Spring training as a test case to determine if creating a custom was worth the effort.  He returned those cards signed which gave me the green light to send the custom.
Russell Branyan also has signed for me TTM in the past, so I was fairly confident he would sign my custom.  This was returned after 60 days.
I sent a couple cards to Mickey Rivers at a Miami address in 2006.  Earlier this year (yes about 5 years later) I got those cards back unsigned, and with a pricelist.  I was excited to see that Mickey was only charging 3 bucks a card, so I sent him these three.  About a month later I got them back signed.
This card was sent to Aaron Rakers at a Trenton IL address.  After 180 days he sent it back to me.  One of my collection goals is a signed set of  2006 Fleer Tradition.

One interesting note is that none of the above players answered the brief questionaire I always enclose.

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