Friday, December 16, 2011

Some TTM Autographs I've Gotten

These are the TTM autographs I received recently where the ballplayer chose not to answer the questions I included, but still graciously signed and returned the cards.

1965 Topps #288 Jack Hamilton, 38 days from his restaurant in Branson, MO.  Hamilton played for the Angels from 1968-1969.

Two set cards signed by Kevin Elster, a 1989 Toys-R-Us and a 1991 Upper Deck.  I included $2. Kevin lives in Huntington Beach, CA and returned these after 10 days.

Another set card I needed was this 2006 Fleer Tradition #169.  Mike also signed a 2006 Fleer #340 sent to his home in Santa Fe, CA. 27 days.  He's a Brother.

I sent Paul Hartzell just an index card along with the questionnaire. He was very nice to not only sign the index card but to include this signed 1979 Topps and this team issued postcard. Very cool. 10 days from his PO box in Hailey, ID.

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