Sunday, December 4, 2011

There's Room In My Heart For The Dodgers

But not too much room.

One of the few team sets I collect outside of Angels team sets, is the 1954 Bowman Brooklyn Dodgers.

I love 1954 Bowman. And you can't go wrong with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

I truly feel that every baseball card collector should have at least one Brooklyn Dodgers team set.

I recently obtained four more cards towards this set.  Now all I have left to obtain is the Big Three:
#58 Pee Wee Reese
#138 Gil Hodges
#170 Duke Snider

Big because they're the EXPENSIVE ones no matter what shape they're in.

Here's the four I recently picked up very reasonably in 4 separate auctions on ebay:
#154 Don Newcombe $3.36 with a dollar shipping.

#202 George Shotgun Shuba $1.50 and 2 dollars shipping.

#26 Billy Cox was had for $2.75 and $2.50 shipping.

And one of the tougher ones to get cheap #90 Roy Campanella for a whopping $3.14 and $2.56 shipping.

Now don't everyone go out and start bidding on the cards I need to complete the set. That would just make me grumpy.



  1. You've got a lot more than this Dodger fan. I've got 2.

  2. Dude,
    I have a bunch of Angel cards i would love to trade.... Nice hits too!! Hit me up,

  3. Those are beautiful, I don't care who your favorite team is.