Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Angels From Across The pond

Did you know that John who runs the blog The Pursuit of 80's(ness) is in the UK? I sure didn't, at first. But now I do.  John collects the Red Sox, you should check out his Jacoby Ellsbury collection, holy cow.

John sent a nice plastic chessmen box full of Angels on a long trip to Texas. Many 80's(ness) through current Angels made the ride. Here's a select few from those he sent.

Sweet 1996 Pinnacle Jim Abbott #228.  This one is from Jim's second stint with the Halos from
1995-1996, after he had thrown a no-hhitter with the Yankees.  Thanks for that Jimbo.  I still love ya.

An interesting 1999 Bowman's Best Mo Vaughn #5.  Mo shows off a white Angels hat which I don't recall them ever having.  I'll have to look this up.

Goldish retro-y 2010 Upper Deck Portraits Jered Weaver #SE-39.  Thats a good looking card.

Kendrys Morales on a 2011 Allen & Ginter's #205 Mini.  Mini's are nice aren't they?

1986 Donruss Highlights #10 showing Mickey Mantle reluctantly giving up his 5th place on the All-Time Home Run list to Reggie Jackson.  The Mick looked good in 1986, even though he's holding tight to that trophy. 

1998 Pacific Online Rich Robertson #21 I think the only Rich Robertson in an Angels uniform card I have.  I typed in that web address for and it doesn't seem to be active anymore.  Bummer.

2011 Topps Diamond Sparkle Shine #632 Scott "Short-Lived" Kazmir.  Well at least his card sparkles.  

Did not know this 1992 Donruss Studio checklist #261 with Rod Carew card existed.  Cool.  I wonder if this means my 1992 Donruss Studio Angels team set is now complete.

Thanks a ton John.


  1. I have never seen that Jackson/Mantle card. I like it, going to get me one for my Angels collection.

  2. I think Vaughn's hat is actually grey. Looks like a spring training kinda thing.