Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Stack of Mail That Greeted Me Home - Part 3

Trade mail.

Fat packages. Padded envelopes. Self-sealing. Metered mail. Team Bags. Mmmmmm.

I'll highlight just a few of each's contents.

#1. Overweight, stiff get-well-card-sized envelope from the Troll.

Minis are pretty with a black background aren't they? And numbered cards are always nice. Jered Weaver Gold 1333/2011.

#2 Crinkly Wrappers shows up with a self-sealing, moisture resistant 4x7 Scotch padded envelope.

Contents included six nice cards for my 2008 Upper Deck X set. Nice chunk to check off. And two really sweet 2011 Topps Heritage Joel Pineiro variations: Wal-mart blue tint and a regular green tint. Joels gone now. Is there a black tint?

#3 The largest envelope was a 6x9 USPS issued, self-sealing padded stuffed with a LARGE team bag appropriately stuffed with Team Angels.

Five, count'em five...wait four and a half, oh three and a half and one with a many does that make...SALMONS!  A beautiful assortment.

Two, two-thousand-one Topps Archives Angels.  Very nice.

A really sweet 2001 Fleer Ultra Garret Anderson Gold Medallion Edition #136G.  Again, gold looks good.

Practically a whole team set of 2011 Lineage PLUS a Diamond Sparkly Jered Weaver!  Oh hey!  You know what?  Troll sent me the Vernon Wells card that makes it a complete team set!  Did you two work together behind the scenes?

That's the best I could do on this extra little surprise in the envelope, a little bitty Vladdy from something.  Not sure what this is from but the bottom says  Went there and didn't see any kind of MLB game that would have a little Vladdy as a piece.  Dig it for the collection though.

#4 Same as #2 but from Nomo's Sushi Platter.

Good, good stuff Spiegel, good, good stuff. (Thats a Piedmont back!)

Thanks everyone.


  1. You're the only one I know collecting that UD X set, so when I get them in repacks I always put cards aside for you.