Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Completed Angels Team Set - 1977-1979 Sportscasters

Recently acquired the final card to this Angels team set.

21-05 Joe Rudi - Underrated Star
As Joe pops up a sky rocket, he ponders his future as an underrated star.
The ball never came down.

23-04 Nolan Ryan "Ryans Express"
Loosely based on the movie Von Ryans Express starring Frank Sinatra.
VERY loosely.

25-18 Frank Tanana - Irreverent Angel
Looks like Frank is having a casual game of catch, until you feel the heat of his fastball blow past your face.

35-02 Infield Fly Rule - Unique and Necessary
(Jerry Remy)
Fine example for the kiddies on the use of the two-handed catch.
What's the ump looking at?

55-03 Lyman Bostock - A Tragic End
Look at his stats, he was ready to take off and be one of the best.

81-19 Bobby Bonds - Travelin' Man
Barrys dad hit 47 HRs during his 2 years with the Angels.
If you haven't read "Love Me, Hate Me" by Jeff Pearlman I highly recommend it.
Give good insight to the Bonds family.

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