Monday, October 21, 2013

TTMs and Jim Saul Gives It 3 Shots

Caleb Cowart took 252 days to sign these two cards sent to Spring Training this year.
Not sure if he's cleaning out his athletic bag from the season, or back in Tempe for the Fall League.
Glad to get these either way.

Dave Patterson added his name to this 1980 Topps already signed by Joe Beckwith.
Dave answered a few questions:
Q. What obstacles did you need to overcome in your baseball career?
A. "Not being a super-hard thrower or a bonus baby so I had to go the extra mile.
I did not drink, smoke, or cheat on my wife but it was rampant around me, so I had to cling to God."
Q. Were you known for anything in particular?
A. "Not really - I did look alot like Ron Howard in our earlier days."

I love it!
8 days from his home in Raytown, MO.

Chad McConnell signed this 1993 Upper Deck, 1992 Upper Deck Minors, and 1993 Topps Traded in 122 days from Harrisburg, PA.

Ex Pats QB Matt Cavanaugh is now the Quarterbacks Coach with the Bears and signed this 1980 Topps through them in 40 days.

Jim Saul, Jim Saul, Jim Saul signed this card 3 times. 
I'm figuring he signed the back first, then had second thoughts.
He then signed in the upper left front but messed up the J in Jim.
He then settled down and took his time neatly signing his name across his chest.
1980 TCMA in 8 days from Bristol, VA.

That's whats so great about TTMs, you never know what you'll get back!


  1. That Jim Saul card is a riot! Maybe he knows how much his signature is worth on the open market so he decided to throw in a couple more signatures to make sure you got good return on the stamps you invested?

  2. Kind of random, but I like the 1992 Upper Deck Minor League and the 1993 Upper Deck Star Rookies designs.

    Maybe Saul has some sort of illness or decided to mess around with your card.

  3. Nice. Any chance you could send me Patterson's addy?