Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Done With That One, Now On To This One - Jackie Robinson

Finished book 2 of a 3 part series on American history.
From Sea to Shining Sea is an overview on American history from 1787 to 1837, with an emphasis on our nations Christian heritage and how our future was threatened by greed, pride, and self-righteousness.
Book 1, The Light and the Glory went from 1492 to 1793.
Excellent reading for any history buff.
But now it's time to change the pace and read something baseball again.

We finally saw "42" the movie about Jackie Robinson.  
Great movie.
I had started reading Robinson's autobiography a few years ago but put it down shortly after I started.
I can't remember why.
Seeing the moving renewed my interest in it, and so far I'm engrossed.
I think seeing the moving gave me a better perspective on what he had to endure.
Robinson wrote this book in 1972.

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