Thursday, June 21, 2018

Complete Angels Team Set - 1981 Topps Giant Photo Cards

Trade Post From Swing and a Pop-Up

Bert sent me the whole Angels team from this sweet early 80's set.

Beautiful art work on the packaging.
At only 1 card per pack, he must have busted a case of this to get all the Angels cards.
I've seen a few other bloggers posting their teams cards as well.

 Six 5x7 cards in the team set.
There are only 11 teams available in this set, so I'm glad the Angels were one of them.

Simple back, just a name, team, and position. No stats.
I like the "Topps" watermark to break up the otherwise boring white landscape.
There's also a "team set" checklist at the bottom.

Obviously the Dodgers are the more popular team as they have twice as many players in the set.

Great to knock out this odd-ball team set, thanks Bert!


  1. Pretty cool. You never see these cards around. Nice to see you cover them especially in your team. Good post.

  2. Kinda bummed they didn't have a Bay Area version. Would have been cool to see a 2nd year Rickey on a 5x7 piece of cardboard.

  3. Do you know if a checklist exists anywhere of these? I have looked all over the place trying to find a checklist of the complete set and have come up with nothing.