Saturday, June 2, 2018

May Listia Winnings

Here's what I won this month.
I was a short on available credits the first half of the month so I was a little conservative in bidding. After selling some stuff for a good chunk of credits I was able to bid, and win, more often in the second half.

1981 Fleer #656
Need a few more to complete this big checklist set (641a, 641b, 644a, 644b, 650, 652a, 652b, 653, 655, 659a, 660a, 660b)

1999 Topps Finest #110

1998 Topps Finest #273

I won the 1984 stub, but had to send a reminder after 2 weeks (Listia rules says you can request a refund after 7 days) that I hadn't received it yet (it hadn't even been marked "shipped" yet). The seller responded with apologies, and included the 1985 stub as a sorry. I wasn't worried about it, wasn't asking for a refund, just wanted them to know, but it's nice they went the extra step.

Oh, and I looked these games up on Retrosheet...nothing remarkable happened in either.

1996 Topps #435

1995 SP Top 10 Prospects #7

1998 Topps Reprint #23

1971 Topps #499

Won this lot for the 1990 Leaf Checklist #444.
I have this card already as a part of my #444 Baseball Card Collection.
Needed it for the checklist set.

1980 Fleer Baseball Stickers lot.

Pretty happy with Mays winnings.


  1. The Vlad minor league die-cut is unique.

  2. The 1981 Fleer checklist card of checklist cards (#659 I think) feels like it should represent your entire checklist project.