Monday, June 18, 2018

Triple Play Knock-Out

Trade Post From Summer of '74

Matt saw that I was working on completing the 1993 Triple Play set, and bombed me with the 52 cards I still needed to finish it off.
It's a pretty nice set in my opinion. The only thing I would change about the design is that I'd remove the Triple Play logo in the lower left, it distracts me. Otherwise I really like it, especially the block silver name at the top.
Turns out I need that Olerud for the PC, but here in this set he stays. The PC comes secondary.

Even the horizontal cards looks nice, and I'm not usually a fan of horizontal cards.
So Matt sets me up and knocks out the base set, and that's awesome.

He even sent the Joe Robbie Stadium error card I needed. The error was numbered #129 when it should have been numbered #259 as shown in the top card.
This leaves me only needing the #101 Andy Stankiewicz error card which has his name in white on the front, as opposed to the standard red font.
Given that Matt wiped this set out so quickly for me, I also decided to go ahead and collect the inserts for this set, so I added those to the want list tab.

Much appreciated Matt!


  1. Nice! The nickname insert set is one of my favorites. Working on that one now.

  2. I really enjoy the Triple Play brand cards. Good stuff.