Saturday, June 16, 2018

Two Ohtani, With Love

A little play on words of the title of a 60's Sidney Poitier movie and the old song by Lulu, To Sir With Love.

Trade Post From Hoarding Cardboard

I'm pretty sure that I've traded with Jason in the past, but probably a long time ago. So long in fact, that I think he was still blogging under Jasons Sports Card Blog, which has been defunct now for about a year, I think? Anyhow, his Hoarding Cardboard blog is great, and he recently took me up on my Year For Team Traders call-out, claiming Reds cards.

His return package was pretty sweet.

2018 Leaf #3 and #5
I plan on opening zero Leaf this year, so these are especially appreciated.
Pretty sweet that he sent his pitcher card as well as his hitter card.

Donruss is another brand I will not be purchasing, they are just too generic for me.
So again, much appreciated.

Little bit of everything.

Jason hit up my Baseball Card #444 list and found two more that I need.

And he hit my player collections.

And knocked off 4 more for the Fleer Million Dollar Moments set.

All great stuff Jason.


  1. That game Caminiti had against the Rockies was insane. Sure miss the days of seeing Gwynn and him back to back in the lineup.