Friday, June 1, 2018

Wants and Needs They Are No More

Trade Post From The Collective Mind

1964 Topps Hi-Number #586
Hi-number cards are always the last ones needed to complete the team sets.
I still need a handful from the 64 team set, but glad to get this one off the Top Ten Needs list.

1970 Topps Hi-Number #642
Another one that was on the Top Ten Needs list. Really nice to knock two of those out in one package.

Fleer 97-98 Million Dollar Moments
Pecking away at this set, I'm now a little short of half-way there. I occasionally see these on other blogs as pickups for Player Collections, but I think more often than not they get overlooked.

1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan
This is a pretty substantial set when you're trying to complete it through trades, but I'm getting closer with these 24 cards.

1993 Triple Play
Another set I'm working only because I ripped a box to get the contest cards.
These 10 get me within about 50 cards of the base set.

Sure do appreciate you checking out my wantlists Greg.
Thank you!


  1. I think I've got all of your Triple Play needs...

    1. Oh that'd be awesome Matt! I'd definitely get you something in return.