Saturday, June 23, 2018

I've Been Waiting For This Kid's Card

I have been expecting Shohei Ohtani to show up in SI For Kids. Yes, I still get the magazine in the mail each month, look forward to it, for the card sheets! The only question about Ohtani showing up was HOW would he show up: cover, card sheet, poster, or ALL three! Mike Trout has been on the cover at least once; on the card sheet twice; and I don't think he's made it to the poster yet. The June issue came in the mail recently, so let's see if Ohtani shows up.

Red Sox, blech.

There he is!
Bottom center. Center square would have been ideal, but I'm still happy to see him.

2018 SI For Kids #735
 Pitchers pose. Good looking card.
Maybe we'll get another card of him hitting in a later issue!

Impressive statistics already.

Charlie Blackmon and Tina Charles, meh.

So, now I wait in anticipation for an Ohtani cover or poster.
I'll definitely keep renewing my subscription!


  1. Great post! May I ask what you do with the magazines after you remove the cards? My wife thinks I am crazy for wanting to subscribe to the magazine but I enjoy reading it.

    1. I pull the card sheet and poster out and toss the rest.

    2. I would be interested in the magazine for my daughter.

  2. I was pretty excited to see Ohtani make it on a card. Was a little worried they might not get around to it this year since they still haven't produced a Judge card.