Friday, April 4, 2014

Big Bummer Thanks To USPS

A reader reached out recently offering a few Angels relics he had, and after trying to work out a trade he decided he would just send me the cards anyway although I didn't have anything comparable to send in return. He would go down in my log as flagged for future interests. He's a trusting and friendly collector that way.
The package came in the mail today:

I wasn't sure if I should say who the sender was so as not to embarrass him,
but this is how it came.  Ripped in half, wide open at one end, but miraculously with two cards both in top loaders inside.  No tape, no plastic bag, no nothing.  Thanks for your dedication USPS.
You suck.

I contacted the guy who sent these and he said that he was assured by USPS that he could enclose 3 top-loaders in a business sized envelope as long as he PAID THE HIGHER PRICE for a non-machinable parcel since it couldn't be bent.  You can see what that got him.

Tim Salmon survived.  A nice autographed Tim Salmon.
You can see how care was taken by the sender to penny-sleeve, top loader, and seal the card.

This sweet Nick Adenhart was a bonus throw-in but the dual jersey Jered Weaver numbered 23/25 that should have been in there for the HIGHER PRICE OF THE NON MACHINABLE PARCEL is now lost, probably forever.

I'm so thankful for the cards, but what a bummer for both me and the sender.
Thanks USPS.


  1. And that's why I don't like PWES ! Most of the time they arrive OK but when they don't it's usually not good.

  2. I've started putting a piece of clear packing tape along the length of the bottom of a PWE I send out, as reinforcement.

  3. My dad worked for the USPS for 25 years. He told me that even if you pay the higher-price, or write non-machinable on the package it will still go through a machine. He said that USPS workers are careless and don't really pay attention. In a nutshell, the USPS doesn't care about it's customers.

  4. That's harsh. I am not looking forward to the first time this happens to me (and based on what I've seen on the blogs in the past year, it's inevitable).

  5. Bummer... sorry to hear about the Weaver. I've had a few issues the past few months... which really sucks, because 99% of the time they're awesome. But it's those two or three bad experiences that I tend to remember.

  6. Thick or memorabilia cards should always be shipped in bubble mailers or something offering nearly the same protection - it doesn't mean there won't be a chance the cards will be damaged, but shipping in a PWE is just too risky.

  7. I've shipped hundreds of cards (not memorablila use bubble's) in PWE's in a top-loader and an extra piece of cardboard that is what my post office said to do if there thick and non bendable they don't go though the machines and I write "Do Not Bend" & "Non-Machinable" on both sides and have not had a problem. the problem is the lost items from USPS unless you track it but to pay or charge $3.50 for a buck card is nuts. Hate when bad things happen in this case Meatloaf is wrong 2 outta 3 is bad!!! sorry to hear of your loss.

  8. Use Paypal shipping. It's cheaper than if you pay at the post office. A bubble mailer with cards inside that weighs 3 oz is $1.93 First Class.