Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Training Long Shot TTM

Every Spring I send a few autograph requests to the Angels training complex in Tempe, to different Angels long shots...guys that I know will be at Spring Training either as a non-roster invitee, or as a guest instructor.
These are guys that don't typically sign TTM.

In the past it's been Tim Salmon, Chuck Finley, Jim Abbott, Dick Schofield, and the likes.
And I've sent multiple years to these guys too not with much success.
I think I got Tim Salmon once.
That's about it.
Like a said, they're long shots.

Well, the other day this came back from Spring Training 2013:


I have another TTM out to Langston that I sent to the Big A in June of last year.
Maybe he'll get to that one too!
Langston is part of the Angels broadcast team now.

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